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About Healthy Seaweed Cafe

Healthy seaweed cafe is a social enterprise that deals with seaweed value addition for food to champion healthy lives through local consumption of seaweed by creating diverse seaweed based foods such as salad, juice, paddings, smoothies, candies and spices and increase income generation for women seaweed smallholders farmers in Tanzania

Who Should use it?

Every person at any age yearning to stay #healthy, #Energetic, strong immunity and free from unplanned disorders for you, your loved ones and families! Not forgetting #beautyqueens who crave for #Natural products to keep their skin nourishing, This Gel is for you!

Vision: “ Improved healthy living and income generation through increased seaweed consumption locally for women smallholders seaweed farmers in Tanzania.”OUr ProductsContact Us

Our Dedicated Team

More than 4 Years of Expertise in Healthy Seaweed Cafe

Currently Healthy seaweed Cafe supports 2 groups of smallholders seaweed women producers in Zanzibar through training of converting seaweed to food for more income generation and by buying raw seaweed with higher price from their farms With every seaweed gel you buy, your supporting economic empowerment of these women.